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Is it just me or is it a collective vibe that the proverbial 'spring is in the air!' is 'just what the doctor ordered'!

Ok enough with the quotation marks, (ok ,one more for good measure), but doesn't it feel like it's been the 'season of discontent' here in NZ? Post pandemic anxiety, job losses, higher interest rates, crime stats up, skyrocketing fruit & veggie prices, cyclones, floods, viruses that have been out of control.

Maybe like us you are still just getting your home or business back together, post storm damage. I can't believe its Sept already! I feel like we have been treading water for much of the year. We were so grateful to finally get our insurance payout through, last month and be able to get our home (and my studio) back to its previous state.

Though to be honest, the flood repairs have been the least of our worries. Our youngest has been battling a post viral illness. The first 3 weeks were scary as hell, watching her suffer in agony, not able to sit up or walk unaided, inadequate pain relief, frequent trip to A&E And our GP and the a barrage of tests. It's now morphed into a day by day way of living. Months down the track we are still trying to find the right professionals to turn to and the best protocol to follow, her recovery to full health is slow, and differs almost daily. If she has a burst of energy and can participate in previously normal Sporty Spice activities we know that the next day, maybe the next 3, will probably be spent on the couch, but at least she is happier for it.

As parents we have had to adjust our perceptions; homework, subject revision, and the regular essay writing have become something we have mostly opted out of, for now. We are now starting to see some success and we are very optimistic she will make a full recovery. In many ways its been a blessing to slow down. And you really just have to count your blessings. We are so incredibly grateful we have had sage advise and support we have received from wonderful friends along the way.

And like the winter that was, it's just a season.


A couple of weeks ago I was approached by my favourite online NZ Arts Magazine.

My Painting 'Ode' had attracted their attention and they asked if they could use this work as their

Hero piece for Spring, on their website. Of course I said yes, thrilled for the opportunity to showcase my work on their platform.

You can check it out, currently as their Hero piece for the website. While you are there, get in amongst it, read their insightful creative sector updates and get up with the play with the latest happenings.


Project Gallery 90, Paddington

Earlier in the year I was lucky enough to be selected as the sole kiwi creative to have paintings show in Oxford Street Gallery, Project Gallery 90's "Blue & White" group show.

It was an absolute privilege to be included amongst such talented artists. Especially in a gallery space curated by Katie Hopkinson-Pointer, whose talent I have admired for some time. She does an incredible job pulling an often diverse range of immersing artists works together and I am always so inspired by the talent and themes of her shows.

In the Post Covid Snail-mail system, getting the 3 paintings to Sydney turned into a massive logistics learning curve. Lessons for next time to be sure!

In the end I had no choice but to board a plane, oversized luggage in tow, to get the paintings to the gallery in time for the show, but so worth it! to have work in such a wonderful gallery, in Paddington, Sydney and just up the hill from my old stopping ground feels, so heart worming and is so weirdly full circle its hard to describe.

Hopefully this will be a long a fruitful pairing. I am certainly fully enjoying getting to know talented gallerist, curator and fellow artist Katie, very much. Definitely a highlight of this industry are the beautiful connections you make along the way. And most definitely a career highlight too!


"A need for fun, for positivity, a new lease of life and personal growth"

With the optimism of Spring comes the abundance of luscious and varied blooms, which you know I covet!

This past couple of weeks I have been prepping to start a collection of new painting. What does this entail, you may ask? Well generally it's a little set up, somewhere out of the way, at home, where no one will trip over cables, cameras, tripods and the like. But this time I went big! I've been planning this for a while, and knowing that Spring blooms are only here for a mere moment each season, I took over the dining table & family room with vases, books, jugs, glassware, lighting and of course beautiful flowers.

Creating new work, I also had the excuse to do a fabric shop crawl with friend and fellow fibre & print hoarder, Mandy Warman. New motifs and table coverings were needed! And I found what I was looking for. Lets just say if you are a fan of stripes I might have something for you;)

I've also been on the lookout for fun accessories for some time, striking it lucky with Kmarts' new glassware release. Along with a couple of more pricy collectables from DJ's and some heirlooms I have hauled through Trans-Tasman moves and renovations I have styled up some fresh optimistic settings.

Now just to get painting!

Here's a few sneaky preview of what I'm working on...

As we head towards summer, and the anticipation of actually getting a long hot dry one is on everyones lips. I feel we need something to celebrate, personally. This year has thrown so many curve balls for so many of us, I think we need to be able to look forward with hope and positivity, as least to help ourselves feel better, if not to bolster the greater good. So this new work will focus around this theme and I look forward to sharing it with you when its done!

Above & Below: Spring blooms in place amongst first season lemons from our new garden, fabulous gin bottles, tea towels, bowls, tea cups and cocktail glasses alike, for differing settings and themes.

Work will be appearing both in Turua Gallery and my Website in the coming months.

And you, as my subscribers will be the first to know. when its available.

I'm excited to push my boundaries with this new collection, so watch this space!

I look forward to sharing it with you xx

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