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Sarah is a painter & photographer based in Auckland,

New Zealand.

She lives with her long suffering husband, two teens and two cats (in no particular favour order). 

With the kids now more independent, Sarah has returned

to her love of Art & Design, primarily embracing her

Painting & Photography practices. 

Through her career in fashion and textile design, screen printing, visual merchandising, styling & interior design 

she has honed her eye for detail, layout, design & colour. 

Now these disciplines converge to help Sarah explore more deeply her love of painting & photography.


Sarah's appreciation for nature, texture, colour & light

are revealed in her vibrant, tactile pieces.

She paints in both Acrylics & Oils


She is deeply interested in psychology and the human experience. 

Her pieces delve into the psychology of memory, loss, shared experience and kinship. 

This is particularly apparent in her current painting practice,

with a strong figurative influence. 

Forever the romantic, Sarah's works full joy for life,

for hope, love and connection.

Sarah has embarked upon many avenues of study

in painting throughout her life. 

She studied fine art, textile desing and fashion at

Auckland University of Technology (AUT)

after leaving school.

She is worked in fashion and textile design in New Zealand & Visual Merchandising and Interior Design & Styling

in Australia.

Feeling the innate need to get back to her roots after having kids, Sarah attended courses while living in Sydney, at the Waverley Woollahra Art Centre and Coco Republic Design Centre/

Enmore Design Centre).

After moving back to New Zealand in 2015 Sarah attending a year long (evening) Oil Painting class with

Professor Julia Teale at Whitecliff Art School in Auckland.

Sarah then went on to study at BSA, dropping into year 3 in 2021, under the guidance of Matthew Browne & Kathryn Stevens.

Sarah divides her time between ongoing study at BSA, Studio6,  

and from her studio at home.


Sarah's Interiors Photography Practice has come together along the way, through photographing her own Interior Design projects & working with other photographers while in a Styling capacity in Sydney, for Sheridan Australia.  To further her knowledge, Sarah embarked on a course of study at South Seas Studios on her return to Auckland, studying under Denise Bayham in 2020. 

With a love of  Art, Textiles, Furniture,

Interior Design & Architecture instilled early,

Sarah has honed her eye for detail, quality materials, light,

form, and function over the years.

Sarah is now focused on helping Interior Designers,

Architects and Builders showcase their own talents with her Architectural Photography practice.


Sarah also has a background in Customer Service

& loves working with people. 

So please feel free to contact Sarah to chat about projects

she may be able to help you with. 

"My photography practice centres on

communicating the essence of an interior or architecture."


"I am inspired by everything!"


"It could be coloured threads lying next to each in my sewing box, an album cover; my backlit cat as she lounges in the sun; 

shadows or light cast on the kitchen bench through a vase full of new blooms.  Or the stillness of water in an autumn landscape."  

"I feel so blessed to have been taught by some incredible mentors and inspirational figures on my creative journey, who have played pivotal roles at various times in my life. 

"I chose not to go to art school, instead taking a more practical route and going through AUT's creative departments. 

Looking back, I embrace this decision because it opened my mind to so many facets of a creative life, not just fine art.   

It has enabled me to learn to problem solve in an 'outside the box'  kind of way, in so many different avenues, to see adversity as a challenge to be solved."

Today, to all seems to have amalgamated. 

I use so many of the skills I have learnt along the way,

in my paintings & photography work and I hope these skills bring

this rich tapestry to my practice."

"I love this creative life, this creative community

and I'm so happy to live amongst it."



Portrait of the Artist. Painting.  'Ode'.  Still life painting on Canvas.
Painting by Sarah Barton-Hills.  "Mutual Admiration Society".  Still Life Painting
Landscpae Photography taken by Sarah Barton-Hills
Photograph.  Interiors.  Cheltenham Rd Design Collective. Photo by Sarah Barton-Hills
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